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  Newsletter - Issue 3 2013  

Take a look at whats been going on with the LKPA in the latest newsletter.

Inside this issue

Going on Holiday After Having Transplantation
Events Report 2013
Breakfast Show Marathon
What Can You Do for You Kidneys?
Research News
and much more....


  Newsletter - March 2013  

Welcome to the first newsletter of a brand New Year. We at the LKPA hope you all had a peaceful, healthy, Christmas and New Year break.
The Leicestershire Kidney Patients’ Association (LKPA) is a charity which promotes and supports the health and welfare of renal patients
(and families); supports Leicester General Hospital and the satellite Renal Units; and provides education and information on renal disease
to the general public.


  LKPA Grant Application Guidelines  

Grant applications are considered by our trustees on individual merit. The applicants details are confidential will be known only to the
Trustees of Leicestershire Kidney Patients Association.


  LKPA Grant Application Form

Please note we reserve the right to ask you at a later date for evidence of your total income and outgoing expenses.
Unfortunately we have limited resources so that even applications meeting our criteria may be unsuccessful or not fully funded.

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  Newsletter - August 2012

 The important items in this newsletter to highlight are our events programme, especially the AGM, and changes to personnel.


  Newsletter -  April 2012

The first Newsletter of 2012, we hope that you enjoy reading this newsletter and we look 
forward to receiving your feedback on it and on possible events


  Leicestershire Kidney Patients' Association Details

Details regarding LPKA, a charity (Charity no. 505795) run by volunteers, mainly renal patients or relatives, for the benefit of its members


  Newsletter - November 2012
In the final Newsletter of 2012 we look over events from the year and discuss changes that will be happening in the near future in regards to the Newsletter.


  My Renal Journey
Stuart Rushton gives an interesting and detailed personal insight into his renal journey.

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  Holiday Insurance

The insurance companies listed in the document have been passed on by patients, who obtained holiday cover
from them at a reasonable price. The list is not in a particular order. You may have to ring round
to obtain a quote to suit your particular needs.

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  LKPA Report 2012
Leicester Kidney Patients Association annual general meeting 2012 documented (draft report).


  A kidney Patient's Transplant Story
I was diagnosed in late 80’s - early 90’s when I was told that my kidneys were not functioning as well
as they should. After which I had a biopsy to establish the cause and was then placed on various
medications and was monitored at the clinic.


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